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Tapin Coal Terminal

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Tapin Coal Terminal (TCT) is a special backbone infrastructure created for setting up a dedicated coal hauling and terminal project in Tapin and Candilaras district of South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

With regards to the issuance of government regulation (Perda 3 Tahun 2008), the national road is no longer available for coal passing in this region. This creates a necessity for alternative coal hauling roads since only a fraction of coal production can be delivered to the market. With strong relations and back up by the local government and communities, TCT has assembled a highly capable and experienced team from various disciplines of coal transportations, technology and financial industry to deal with this situation.

Via TCT, FKS Energy aims to manage and to operate one of national largest and integrated coal handling terminals. It is customized to serve specific business needs in Tapin area. TCT's grand design and technology allows the terminal to effectively and efficiently handle coal at optimum capacity.


Hauling Road
The 28.66-km long and 15-m wide hauling road is designed and built to withstand the weight of 45 tones coal truck running with a constant speed of 80 km/hour.

The terminal is constructed on 55 hectares of land along Barito River. TCT incorporates highly-engineered conveyor and full-automatic integrated system, in addition to its range of main facilities of bridge hopper, well-managed stockpile, underground hopper, fast-moving conveyor belt and radial conveyor loader. Combined with our capable and experienced team on the site, TCT aims to handle coal in the most efficient and effective method.   

Stockpile Capacity
Phase A stockpile has a capacity of 280,000 MT of coal at any given time. Upon completion of Phase B stockpile, the terminal will have a capacity of 600,000 MT available. The terminal system will also enable customers to homogenously blend coals from up to 4 different stockpiles.  

Loading Capacity
TCT has the outstanding capability to load 120,000 MT per day which equivalent to 12 barges a day. Supported with 2 (two) loading conveyors with a speed of 3,000 MT/hour, our customers and partners has benefited from geting dispatch from Mother Vessels and lower rate from the barging services. The 11-m river draft enables the terminal to perform 24-hour loading activities to various barge sizes. Equipped with radial conveyor loader and hi-speed conveyor system, TCT can fully load 300-feet-barge effectively within 3 hours. Phase A has a loading capacity of 25,200,000 MT per annum, which will be utilized by coal mines in Tapin area. Upon the completion of Phase B, the terminal will have a loading capacity of 54,000,000 MT per annum.

Anchorage Point
The nearest anchorage point is Taboneo located at the Barito river mouth area.

Tapin Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia