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Prakarsa Betung Meruo Senami Jambi

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  • PBMSJ has Betung Field in production phase

    PBMSJ TAC is located on a wrench-related structure south of the older Betung Field culmination in what appears to be a separate trap. Based on the data received, the structural configuration is poorly controlled by limited older seismic data (one lone to the south). Betung is located over the prolific Jambi Trough, which is an early Tertiary rift that sources the oil in this area. The two largest Air Benakat Fields in South Sumatra (Tempino, Kenali Asam, both +100 MMBO) are both located within 45 km to the NE along the trend of the Jambi Trough. The nearest petrophysical analog is located in Kenali Asam-244 about 45 km to the NE.

    PBMSJ wells is a shallow well at TD of 951’. A full suite of conventional wireline logs include sonic, neutron and density. Spectral logs were run and the Thorium was used for V-shale determinations. An analysis was possible from 160-907'. Mudlog digital gas curves were also available and MDT’s were run.

    PBMSJ has Betung Field in production phase and Senami Field in reopening phase

    Geological & Reservoir Description BETUNG MERUO SENAMI
    Production & Field (Current):
    Production Target Air Benakat FM (TAF potential) AB + Gumai FM
    Total Well Drilled 214 12
    Total Current Producer Well 7 0
    Well Spacing 50 - 100 meters 500 meters
    Injector Well - -
    Peak Daily Prod. 1.000 BBLS -
    Total Block Area 270 Km2 24 Km2
    Total Field Area 5 Km2 24 Km2
    Fluid Characteristics:
    Oil Type Sumatran Light Sumatran Light
    Pour Point 41 - 48 API 30 API


    Central Kalimantan, Indonesia